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Music Industry News Network [07-08-2016] 

Church Of Fluffer Parishioners Get Shot At Grabbing LP Pre-Release 


New York City (8 July 2016) — Seattle-based Rock band Fluffer has announced pre-release availability of their upcoming self-titled LP starting today! 

Making the CD available NOW (before it hits digital sellers in August) gives fans of the band a relaxed window to snag their very copy. The LP will be available on the band’s site and also through New York City-based Factory Fast Records.  

The band has recently reformed much to the delight of longtime fans. The current line-up re-unites Matt Bryson on bass and Tony DeMore on drums.  

Flutter’s songs circumduct issues like questioning authority and feeling isolated. The band crosses a lot of rock sub-genres along the way including glam, garage and grunge, and listeners might hear influences like Iggy Pop, MC 5 and even Alice in Chains due to the band’s heavy, dark and melodic punch.  

“Our songs are  written from a place of endless stress and anger” says Rob Trosino, Fluffer’s vocalist / guitarist. “This allows us to tap into a darker side of life and release real emotions. We create three-minute sonic atmospheres as opposed to writing songs just as a function of trying to manufacture a Hit”.  

The band is definitely on a roll now and plans to stay busy through the summer playing gigs in and around Seattle.  

In addition, Fluffer has two really unique projects currently in development. The band has agreed to host a monthly syndicated radio show tentatively titled “The Jam Space”, in addition to currently recording a highly-anticipated Christmas album. 

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New York City-based Factory Fast Records produces mix CDs and promotes original music across many genres. Members of the music press and radio stations are invited to e-mail for a promotional copy of this release.