Our Story

Fluffer is back with a bang, dripping with as much angst as a coffee shop full of unemployable millennials.  The classic lineup has reformed much to the delight of longtime fans.  Ankle bracelets keep them in line and monitor them from getting too close to their loyal followers.  You may not be safe, but you are never sorry when staggering into the "Church" of Fluff n Roll !!!

Buzz Brown (Drums/Spelling Bee Champ) -

Bio coming soon!! That's what she said...







Matt Bryson (Bass/Vocals) -

A recent new poppa Matt is great at changing diapers and finding binkies which will come in handy as the band ages. Thundering bass grooves blow out 18 inch speakers as he explodes with the creative chops of Flea 69ing Geezer Butler.  His hobbies include making babies, collecting Golden Girl Chia pets, and dressing up as the Cookie Monster.  Matt has contributed such Fluffer hits as Holly Daze and Sheeple,  Once won a 1 man three legged race.  




Rob Trosino (Vocals/Guitar) -

Like Robert Johnson he went down to the crossroads, unfortunately, the devil passed on the soul for talent trade.  He did give Rob a nice Groupon for gutter cleaning though, so all was not lost.  What Rob lacks in skill he makes up for in punctuality.  Is a former plus size underwear model who once posed for the President at least until the secret service tackled him.  Loves long walks to the bathroom, pigeon boxing, and looking for moles on strangers.  Ace Frehley, Tony Iommi, Oscar the Grouch and Paula Abdul are his biggest musical influences.  As of 2018 he is endorsed by Kononykheen Custom Guitars out of Russia.