This just in...Fluffer gets to host a monthly radio show!!

Ever wonder what it was like to be the fly on a whiskey soaked wall of a rock bands rehearsal room?!?!

Now with the backing of FactoryFast Records you will be that intoxicated fly!!

The show will start and end with us playing live with songs from the finest independent and hard rocking artists in the world filling out the two hour extravaganza.  In between the sets of great artists you will be privy to the mayhem and bantering that only goes on in uncensored band room.  Did I mention the top secret drinking game?  A chance to avoid catching the Zika Virus?  And listener chosen "real life"  Fluffer and Flufferette of the month to be enshrined on our wall of fame?  

In honor of the Olympics we will have  a three country judging panel during the debut show to see how we did at the end of the night (Beware that cranky Russian judge).  We will keep you posted on details as they unfold.

Tune in for a chance to hear Space Monkey before he lands on Uranus...All this plus makeover tips from Radio Guru Bob Minter.

We've decided to time the release of our debut CD with the end of summer so you have something to party with over the Labor day weekend.  World debut on August 30th!!