Lock up your sisters, mothers, daughters, and even your slightly disfigured mannequins… FLUFFER has been paroled and is ready to touch you in all those inappropriate places.

Welcome to the Evolution & Revolution of Fluff n Roll !!! 

Seattle based Fluffer plays original hard rockin’ music with influences ranging from Metal to Motown with a pinch of good old fashion garage rock to keep you honest.  One recent reviewer said “Fluffer is an intriguing mix of Sabbath darkness, and Ramones melody delivered by a drunken mid 70’s Alice Cooper”.   We will eventually release him from the dungeon, but for now we will beat more positive reviews out of him.

The name of the band stirs up quite a naughty visual and the fact that one band members’ brother actually worked as a “Fluffer” makes this more than just your typical tongue in cheek band. (Not to say you are safe from them actually trying to put their tongue in your cheek).  The true meaning of our Fluffer goes back to the old vaudeville days where a Fluffer was the hype man whipping the audience into a frenzy,  so consider us the Flavor Flav of heavy music. 


10/15/18 - Fluffer is up for Global Band of the Year on Q108 Kingston they are in the lead but could use our vote :) click here

08/16/18 - Fluffer releases 3rd album World's On Fire on new label ULM Media. Art work by the incredible Dan Simon




08/07/18 - Fluffer single Beg, Steal or Borrow has charted in USA, Canada, and Australia and sold 700 digital copies in it's first 30 days.

04/26/18 - Fluffer releases new single to stations covering four continents.  

04/03/18 - Fluffer joins creative forces with the mighty ULM Media out of California to bring a new era of creativity and passion to the music.  Stay tuned for breaking details about our new record label.  

2018 started off awesome as Fluffer was nominated for Best Rock Act by industry leaders in the U.K. the awards will be hosted by Radio WigWam, and the band wishes to thank all the people who have brought us this unexpected recognition!! We are currently in the studio working on the tracks for our World's on Fire CD and working on our erotic toy and condom merchandise line.  The band will be spreading their latest batch of tunes to your warm and moist ear holes shortly. Anticiiiiiiiiiiiiipation my friends.

2016/17 was amazing as Fluffer have signed with FactoryFast Records out of New York, and we appeared on the Drive All Night compilation (fFight All Night) in May and Let it Rock n Roll (Low Class in High Heels) in August, with their full length self titled label debut released on Labor day.  Of course they ended the year with a twisted Christmas CD of original music called the Santa Apocalypse.  The Santa Apocalypse was voted #2 Album of the Year by Northwest Music Scene Magazine and beat out 3 multi-platimum artists thanks to the readers and our fans.  "Fight All Night" was the 2nd most requested song on Boston Rock Radio so it was a lucky year for the #2.

Fluffer is Tony DeMore on Drums, Joe Hayes on Bass/Vocals, and Rob Trosino Vocals/Guitar.

TUNE in now to hear your favorite Fluffer songs recently added to over 100  stations rotation all over this crazy spinning globe.

You can purchase our debut Album digitally at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/fluffer/id1148225982 or go old school and buy a physical cd  HERE

Dates announced for Fluffer CD releases!! 

We will be batting in the power position of Factory Fast Records "Drive all night" mixed CD.  Pre-order today and contact us with proof of purchase for a free Fluffer sticker or guitar pick.  kunaki.com/sales.asp?PID=PX00U30AMF    Release date is May 10th.  

June you will get the first Fluffer CD in all it's sticky glory.  We appreciate all of your support and making it fun for us to stagger into a great 2016.  Extra thanks to all of our new friends in Japan, Australia, India,  Canada, and Europe and the stations playing our tracks and supporting indie music. 

Thanks to the Williams Ave. Pub for having our debut with new fabulous bass player Micheal B.!!!!


Fluffer gets a Five year record deal with Factory Fast Records!! 

The year started out with a bang...and a cool distribution deal with NYC's very own Factory Fast Records.  Hard at work and somewhat sober we just completed 7 tracks for this years commitment.   We survived separated shoulders, pinched nerves, Bigfoot sightings and the crazy start to an election year!  

-----------------Latest Fluffer Rumors and Innuendos ------------------ 

Happy New Year = Recording demos and new shows in February and March. Plus a new 400 sq ft rehearsal loft.

 MICHAEL BRUNO is really killing it as brand new bassist and thunderous Fluff n Roller!!! 

Quick update to all our friends. Fluffer nation has grown to over 28,000 strong!!!  Thank you for your support and your many listens.

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We are excited to start recording tracks for the debut CD.

We are humbled that some of our live tracks have made it into rotation in Europe to go along with our Australian exposure.  Live gigs are on hold through the end of the year while we record and find a new bass master.

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