Fluffer/Flufferete of the Month

April 2017!!

Terry Dark of Jameson Raid is the epitome of cool and rock star class!! NWOBHM and current as hell a great mix!! For info on this most amazing Fluffer of the month click here  

Sabrina Littleton is such a worthy Flufferette of the Month she navigates musical landscapes like Bowie, but has so much of her own self to exude!! Check out her cool band Primary Pulse for all things amazing. She is taking the west coast by storm!!

March 2017!!

For Legal Reasons the identities are withheld :)

February 2017!!

Welcome to the Drunken Month of LOVE...This month we have American Rock Star and all around great person  Sami from Blue Helix as the Fluffer of the Month, and the Queen of Supporting Live Music from FLA Kristina M. is the hands down pick for Flufferette of the Month. Tony says Kristina is the reason Florida is so HOT.

January 2017!!

Happy New Years Fluffer Nation:

Fluffer of the Month is Dan Simon artist and Dog Lover.  He lives in the peaceful country and has a great business branding and doing amazing art for his many clients. Flufferette Melissa works at LA Fitness and is shy and is still deciding what picture to hang forever on the Wall of Stains!! 

December 2016!!

Merry Christmas Mother Fluffers:

Flufferette of the month is Vee Bee the hottest lady this side of Croatia according to our bassist Joe Hayes.  She's a Canadian that is the perfect fit for your Christmas stockings...so to speak.  Fluffer of the month is Montreal based rock journalist and on air personality Mitch Lafon.  He is the most prolific interviewer around, and his ability to make deep connections with his interview subject is second to none.  Click link for more info https://www.facebook.com/mitch.lafon

November 2016!!

Fluffer Chris Smith is the Creative Genius behind the art direction of the new Santa Apocalypse Christmas CD release by us.  He loves being a Hockey goalie, proud papa of two great kids, and a beauty of a wife Chelsea!!  He loves betting on drunken hobo strip shows, and Flying Monkey beer...not always in that order.

Dawn-Marie shines brighter than Vegas strip and loves indulging all that life has to offer.  This lovely lady is a perfect selection as Flufferette of the month.  She has a big heart and is always a fantastic supporter of indie music.

October 2016!!

Gail Balfour is a lovely lady from Toronto, Canada she embraces all things creative in life!! Eyes that could melt Satan's frigid heart...Flufferette Supreme 

Our Halloween Fluffer of the month is International DJ The Cremator of Graveyard Shift fame!!  Click here for more info about his show.

July 2016!!

Our First ever ever Fluffer is Robbie Fagan from Ontario, Canada. He still parties like a Rock Star!!!

Our number #1 Flufferettes is Annetta Oberst is A Florida Beauty and an Epic Dancer and supporter of local bands!!

August 2016!!

John is our first ever duo entry Fluffer/Flufferette to grace the Wall of Stain...he's a world class mechanic by day and an even prettier party god/goddess at night!! Look out for him whipping around in 100% Honda power!!

September 2016!!

Buzz Brown is one of the most sought after drummers and sperm donors in America!!  You can hear him and his award nominated band Voodoo in Blue  (click band name) they are causing a storm down under and will be taking on the rest of the universe shortly!! He was nominated by multiple fans to be this months Fluffer.

Susan MacDonald is the Queen of Prince Edward Island, Canada is one of the coolest Flufferette's ever!!!  She would never turn down a rocking set of music or a chance to be the life of any party!!  She sends a shout out to here old Rexdale crew.  Also loves American Chocolate!!

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