Welcome to our Global Ghost Adventures!!

Hi, we are Jeff & Dale Peterson a married paranormal team from Portland, Oregon.  We travel the world exploring haunted yet romantic locations, and have specifically been requested to investigate dozens of locations so far in 2017. We are just weeks removed from a two week adventure through the lovely Italian countryside.  More on that in next's month Blog!!

Catch us on the October Edition of JamSpace Radio we had a 7 hr locked down in Fluffer's rehearsal studio during Seattle's storm of the Century.  We caught dozens of EVP's, had a great session with a spirit named Bernadette and experienced a frightful dark entity that seems to have trapped the poor souls in this 100 + year old former factory.

We will be posting a monthly blog on this website starting in November.  Our goal is to find the most unique yet romantic getaways for our followers.  If you want to have us check out your haunted location just contact us through this website.

See you in November, have a Happy and Sexy Halloween

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